So…. Here we are again, finally back at it, the mission at hand. Bought Key Lights today and a huge 3x4m Greenscreen to continue my Streaming adventure. (Childhood dreamjob) The problem is that I actually have 3 Projects of Focus right now and im lost without focus, destracted in the sea of possibilities. This has been my battle for the last 10 years. Self Talk; Stay Focused. Less is more. Everything is interesting, but you only have 1 life, so choices must be made. Now for more self talk and affirmation. Project 1, this personal blog. Project 2, Farmshop website and Project 3 Database for moms company. If I could just manage to work on these 3 things only, power through until its done and then move on…

My stress mostly comes from my constant flip flopping between tasks and the constant feeling of not having the time to do it all. Here I try to remind myself to be greatfull for everything that is in this moment, my health, my wealth, my ability to think and keep going. Never stop trying, never stop asking questions, never stop changing and adapting. Love lifes hardships and transmute problems into challenges, tasks into quests.

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